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Established in 2006 and living like cowboys and gypsies ever since, White Collar Sideshow is an Arkansas Shock-N- Roll band that has captured audiences around the globe. The two drummers and bassist hail from Fort Smith, AR (a city famous for its gallows) and travel the world with a unique sound and passionate live performances.

White Collar Sideshow uses art, music and film to bring diverse community members together. They build and support relationships within the community, share about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage others to give up destructive or addictive lifestyles. WCS is passionate about loving and serving many people groups that remain unreached (at tattoo conventions, motorcycle rallies, haunted houses, bars, clubs and many other diverse locations).

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Carpe Artista provides artistic training, leadership development and community engagement opportunities for artists in Smyrna, North Rutherford County, and surrounding areas. We create and manage a wide range of art related classes, events, performances and camps for local residents of all ages, interests and skill levels. We are also heavily involved with the support and coordination of festivals, concerts, shows and other public cultural events. These events engage local businesses and industry to partner for cultural development while allowing Carpe to promote the creative arts to the community. Carpe Artista achieves our mission through the strict adherence to our four core values of character, calling, craft and community:

Carpe Artista also provides arts education support and services to several public and private schools and organizations in Smyrna and North Rutherford County. Carpe Artista is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Smryna, TN.

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Community Outreach Ministries, established in 2003, is committed to intentionally seeking to serve people within their own community who are broken or wounded and in need of the help, hope and healing only God can provide.

Through the efforts of COM, an audience of nearly 3000 people are touched annually and they often represent those who may fall through the cracks of conventional ministries.

​We do this through our three primary ministries, Behind the Badge, Time to Breathe and Outside the Lines, as well a variety of individual and group pastoral work in the community.  COM is also developing a fourth primary ministry, Unleash, to help leaders in the business community and in the faith community have the tools to be the best version of themselves.

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Watermelon Ministries is a Christian 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to use creative media to build relationships, make disciples and serve communities around the world.

Watermelon was founded in 2004 to equip the body of Christ by providing charitable multi-media services for Christian Ministries. In 2009 we began expanding our services to include charitable photography as well as donating musical instruments to aspiring musicians in the developing world.

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Renewed Life Ministries Outreach (RLMO)
Renewed Life Ministries Outreach (RLMO) is a one-year, residential, discipleship training program for men with life issues such as drug and alcohol addiction.  Founded in 1995 by Basil & Naomi Adams, our mission is to help men be set free from their past, live well in their present, and have hope for the future.  We accomplish this mission by helping men resolve their issues through forgiveness and genuine repentance as well as addressing past trauma and unresolved conflict.
We help men become whole by balancing these six areas of growth in their life:
– Spiritually Alive

– Mentally Sound
– Physically Well
– Emotionally Balanced
– Socially Adjusted
– Financially Prepared

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