About TILT

TILT was born from personal experiences, life lessons and a reevaluation of values. TILT is
about change. Not a change in others, but a change in ourselves and who we are to be. A change
in our perspective, in our values and a change in how we view the world around us.

TILT is an acronym for Truth, Integrity, Love and Transparency. We believe that these are
four vital parts of a strong foundation that bring about change and, we believe, success.

In the building trade, foundations serve a few purposes;

A foundation is designed to keep a building from sinking into the ground around it or to
hold it up.

A foundation should also hold what is built upon it together, keeping it from being shifted
by outside forces and to keep those forces from damaging it.

A foundation should help prevent a building from being moved upward or lifted.


Much like the foundation of a building, our life foundations (depending on what they are) can
keep us from being shifted, moved or damaged by forces outside of one’s control. However,
unlike a building’s foundation, our lives’ foundation has impact on others and the world around
us. We discovered that the world around us can be impacted by implementing TILT in our
everyday encounters.

We will make the world a better place, and we will be doing that with proceeds from your
purchase. Not only are our shirts printed by Project 615 (more info at www.project615.org), but
we will be donating 20% of proceeds to different non-profit organizations that we have partnered
with. The wonderful thing is, you get a choice in where your proceeds go. You can pick one
organization from our list that you want to help, and simply enter the code assigned to them at
checkout. Then, the proceeds from your purchase go to that organization.